#TRAVEL | No matter where you are, you should get to the Hotel Hershey!

There are places which just... command calm and peace.

For me, that is the HOTEL HERSHEY... in Hershey, Pennsylvania. About 30 minutes away from where I spent significant time growing up as a baby deejay/radio presenter.

I've often said I wish then, when I was invited to be a part of events at this great hotel, what I wasn't aware of. But now, I find myself wishing I was back at this place. Especially now since so many areas of the world are lagging behind others which are "re-opening" at a different rate than others.

Last weekend, I decided I needed to get out of DC. And go. And Hershey... is in Pennsylvania's GREEN ZONE... meaning they're just about back to normal.

And wow... are they back to normal...

From the hotel bar, to the pool, to the front desk and more... everyone here was just getting back to work after a THREE MONTH 'FURLOUGH' which OMG has to suck. And let me tell you... EVERYONE was so thankful to be working and serving guests again.

EVERYONE.... from the housekeeping staff to the bar staff... to the front desk staff... they were so thrilled just to be waiting on people. It wasn't political. There was no agenda. They just wanted to get back to work. Some still haven't got the federal government stimulus or unemployment yet. That's wrong. A crime. I hope they will fix it.

Anyway, at #HotelHershey we - my daughter and I - had a great weekend away... it was so worth it... and I reserve the right to go back there every weekend until they reopen the pool where I live because this weather being what it is...with no pool... is a crime.

What I'd say to you is this... take a less-than-one-tank trip... and get to Hershey... and The Hotel Hershey. They're open for business. So... drive. Relax... and take it all in!!!

It was so..... worth it!



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